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When you require a team of experienced tradesmen and designers in the welding and metal fabrication industries, Seebe delivers.   Seebe employs highly experienced and certified staff, and can offer expertise in custom steel fabrication, design, manufacturing, and plant maintenance in Calgary and area, all of Alberta, and B.C.   We combine business acumen, technical savvy, as well as valuable connections with a commitment to helping you, the customer.

Delivering the highest quality products and services begins with listening to our customers, and as the project develops we continue to be in constant communication.  Each team member works closely together and with you, the customer, creating a synergy and cohesive organization that is not otherwise available in the marketplace. 

Our team approach brings everyone together so that nothing is left to chance.  Production knows what components the designers have selected, the schedulers work to meet the client's schedule requirements, manufacturing builds to that schedule, and technicians deliver and install them, all under experienced project manager supervision.